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In Nigeria, there exists this terrible anomaly which has continued to linger with no hope or sign of abating in the nearest future. I strongly believe it is also responsible for most of the country’s problems and her inability in realizing her full potential. Many people refer to it as the Nigerian mentality. Me, I call it the warped thinking pattern of many Nigerians. Permit me to point out the areas in which I think we need incisive and immediate changes to be made with regards to many of our deplorable thinking pattern. Let us see those warped thinking patterns. This is the one of those things I always find so hard to believe or comprehend. To me, it is the defeatist point of view or approach only suitable for the person who has NO hope or has lost ALL hopes of survival. Which is NOT supposed to be the case of Nigerians in an over blessed country like Nigeria! The thinking that “it could have been worse” has reduced the day to day survival of the ordinary Nigerian to something of a chance.

Nigeria is a beautiful country named after the “Niger River”, a River that functions for the country as blood for body. It is a “God Gifted” main transportation way, for the inhabitants of the country and neighboring lands. The river is also main source of water to cultivate crops, the heart of agriculture. Also, the influence of Niger River is deep and visible on Nigerian Cuisines’. Publisher: Hasmukh Amathalal Such are nights for blessing in disguise. Open the venue for smooth sail and cruise. With mind at rest and ready for test, Situation may prove fruitful and best. Publisher: Obinna Anejionu Recent activities of secret fraternities in Edo and Anambra States of Nigeria have once again brought to focus the impact of the activities of the nefarious groups on the polity. Publisher: Olawale Adedipe The Nigerian Stock Exchange came into existence as Lagos Stock Exchange in 1960. In December 1977 it got its name changed to Nigerian Stock Exchange which at present has various branches with head offices at Lagos. The branches are at Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Kano, Onitsha, Ibadan, Abuja, Yola and Ilorin. Publisher: Carol Evanson Scholarships are available for various reasons and if you are a Nigerian student, you can apply for scholarships for Nigerian students if you fulfill other requirements too. If you are a student finding difficulty arranging finance for your college education, you should pay attention to looking for scholarships and grants that can help you get rid of this problem

Nigeria or the Giant of Africa
As it is popularly called, is the most populated country in the continent, and is considered to be one of the emerging markets for the world’s economy. The country is quite rich when it comes to promoting and patronizing music, films, fashion and entertainment. One can expect several tweets and facebook updates from the portal that explores the personal as well as the professional lives of the celebs. Recently what’s making news is the comment of Linda Ikeji on Olamide, where the latter is expecting a new born from his girlfriend. Linda’s tweet on Olamide being one of those celebs who like to have children outside marriage created controversies and she later on apologized to him for such a lose remark! The latest cozy photograph of the newly engaged Nadia Buari and Jim Lyke has created sensations among the gossip mongers whereas the cute photograph of the year old daughter of Actor IK Ogbonna has caught attention of his followers. With technology improving every day, fans can get even more closer to their heartthrobs and get several nigerian news update from such up to date websites like trendsofnigeria. This proves that one can stay healthy and outnumber the barriers of age with right diet and exercise. Another Nollywood pair Biola Ige and Muna Obeikewe have come into the news with their latest x rated picture going viral on the internet. So for a perfect weekend nigerian gist, none other than trendsofnigeria can entertain the readers while updating them with the latest news and gossips!

Religious, political and community leaders must brace up and inspire cultural renaissance by working hard to overcome differences that divide the people and this should be based on core values of humanity, ACF stated. All commercial activities were paralyzed stopped on Monday while only few people were seen on the street. Log in or Create Account to post a comment. Jos Riot: Do Nigerians Have Common Destiny? Publisher: Emeka Esogbue The recent ethnicity and religious disturbance in Jos blamed on politicians from that region of Nigeria is condemned in totality by this author. Publisher: Domenic Marbaniang The history of religion has been a seriously blood-bathed one. It reveals the intense power, weight, and depth of religion within the human heart. No wonder, the word “religion” itself comes from the Latin religare meaning “to bind”. Religion binds the adherent to its belief, authority, and community. It holds an intense power over the individual. Oil has also had a deep influence on the Nigerian government. Since the early 1970s, the Nigerian government has annually received over half of its revenues – sometimes as much as 85 percent – directly from the oil sector. These oil revenues are not only large, they are also highly volatile – that is, they can fluctuate drastically in size from year to year, causing the size of government, and the funding of government programs, to fluctuate accordingly. For example, from 1972 to 1975, government spending rose from 8.4 percent to 22.6 percent of GDP; by 1978, it dropped back to 14.2 percent of the economy. Nigeria’s oil wealth has also led to social and political unrest, particularly in the Niger Delta. If Nigeria’s petroleum were soon depleted, these problems might eventually recede into the past. But there is every reason to think that over the next several decades, Nigeria’s dependence on petroleum exports will remain exceptionally high; it may even grow.

Entertainment consists of various activities which permits people to amuse themselves during their leisure time. Most people find it very hard to entertain themselves due to busy schedules both at work and home. It is advisable to make some free time for yourself no matter how tight your schedules are. If you happen to find yourself in the beautiful capital city of Nigeria then Abuja Entertainment would thrill you greatly. If you happened to find yourself in the most popular city in Africa then Lagos Entertainment would blow your mind. Abuja is one of the most popular, beautiful and man-made cities in Africa. With Abuja being popular and beautiful, Abuja Entertainment always make it a point to meet its standards thus making people think it is an expensive city compared to Lagos. Due to the planned structure of Abuja, it is very easy to move from one place to the other with little or no stress. Search millions of flights deals online and get Bargain Flights, Cheap Airline tickets, last minute flights. Log in or Create Account to post a comment. Publisher: sajeela saeed All the business activities take place. Now it has also proved itself being a splendid tourism resort as well, and thousands of people seek cheap flights to Lagos to spend holidays at. 5.3 billion) to finance an urgent approach to the Nigerian power problem. In Naira terms, this translates to N602 billion. The money is to be withdrawn from the Excess Crude Account. Publisher: Agnes Celina Lagos is the most crowded city in Nigeria, which in fact is the largest country in the rugged continent of Africa. Publisher: Olawale Adedipe The Nigerian Stock Exchange came into existence as Lagos Stock Exchange in 1960. In December 1977 it got its name changed to Nigerian Stock Exchange which at present has various branches with head offices at Lagos. The branches are at Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Kano, Onitsha, Ibadan, Abuja, Yola and Ilorin

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Nigerian Scams Grow In Popularity

Nigerian scams are prevalent throughout the world and many people have heard of them and are aware of the methods used. However, still today people are being taken advantage of by many of these methods. These types of activities are often called 419 scams in references to the fraud section of the Nigerian penal code. How this normally takes place is an individual or company will get an email from a supposed official who is representing the family of a foreign government or company. The correspondence makes an offer to transfer millions of dollars into your bank account to move money out of their own country. There is usually some long back story explaining why they cant directly access their money at this time. In exchange for letting them use your bank account they will let you keep a portion of the money, usually several million dollars. You will be provided copies of official looking documents, be asked to provide some documents of your won, perhaps even travel overseas..

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They are the Nigeria’s most authoritative online newspaper as well as ranks among the top 5 online news platform in Nigeria. They are an independent, non-partisan online newspaper. They have head office in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory as well as offices in London and Washington DC. They are the right platform for you if you are looking for present news about Africa and Africans. Their ultimate aim is to take Nigeria and Africa to the world. Whether you are interested in reading about Art & Style, Business, Politics, News, Relationship Matters, Health & Living, Scholarship or Technology, simply visit their website and collect information. If you are seeking a nigeria news online, then you can visit their online portal anytime. They specialize in providing correct and relevant information. They provide Top Stories and news related to Bollywood, Hollywood, Food, Advertising and other interesting topics. If you are interested, then you can visit their website. You can also leave your comment on their web page. If you want to read nigeria news papers, then you can rely on them. Check out more details online. Britain, USA, Canada, Ghana, Republic of Benin all enjoying peace today were once colonies, but today they have learnt to live together as one nation. Somebody just needs to tell those Northerners and politicians from that of the country that the world is now a global village, which can accommodate everyone. Emeka Esogbue hails from Ibusa, Delta State, Nigeria. He is a Historian and International Relations graduate and Political/Public Affairs Analyst. Print article Report Add New Comment Jos Riot: Do Nigerians Have Common Destiny? Log in or Create Account to post a comment. Security Code: Change Image Related searches: Jos Riot: Do Nigerians Have Common Destiny? Related Articles Jos Riot: Do Nigerians Have Common Destiny? Publisher: Michael Danielson Raw foods are in a strange place in our culture today. The invention of pasteurization and the subsequent ‘bacteria-free’ food, along with Lysol commercials and such, have created a near-phobia of bacteria in our culture, and ‘raw’ seems synonymous with ‘bacteria-filled’ in most people’s minds. Indeed, I remember the LA Riots and really they were much Worse than those I saw in Tehran.

The Terrible Nigerian Mentality

Excuses that turn the police from your friend to your fiend. Excuses that force many Nigerian youths with brains to migrate to America and Europe even as the brain drain continues to grow. Excuses that turn many Nigerians from the lords we are supposed to be in a land flowing with milk and honey to instant beggars as we keep on hopelessly hoping in vain that tomorrow will be better! Inasmuch as such statements could also serve as consolation to someone, somewhere at some other time, that thinking pattern behind them only condemns you to stagnancy. Check it my dear brothers and sisters, it doesn’t actually inspire any serious person to aspire for greatness because you are only concerned with those whom you think you are better than. What of those who are better than us? Haven’t we ever heard of the American dream and can’t we carve out our own version of Nigerian dream?


Nigerian Oil And Gas Content Under Review

Nigeria’s oil and gas industry provides 90% of its foreign exchange earnings every year – a huge proportion of the country’s GDP. However, the country is concerned that the benefits of this massive industry are not being shared out fairly amongst the Nigerians themselves, with much of the upstream work going to companies based in other countries including Europe. As a result, a new initiative has been put in place – Local Content development. Local Content development is an initiative by the Nigerian Government to help develop local capacity building in the oil and gas industry and to enable Nigerians to take a more pro-active role in their largest industry. Basically put, it’s local jobs for local workers. The cause of concern at the moment is that less than 5% of the total annual budget in the Nigerian industry comes from local Nigerian content, meaning that the local people have a very small share of the business. The object of the Local Content development scheme is to significantly increase the contribution in the expenditures in the upstream sector to the GDP over a defined period of time. Under new proposals, only those companies qualified by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) will receive contract patronage, particularly in exploration and production. Oil prospecting companies will be made to domesticate most of their jobs based on official certification, with prospecting organizations being made to offer specific jobs to specific companies based on their competencies.