A Quick And Easy Way To Produce Business Cards For Fun and For Profit In Nigeria

Cheap To Produce
Yes professionally printed cards are reasonably cheap to produce. While you can design your own card, you should always send it to a professional printer. Here are other tips to create business cards quickly and easily.

• Be sure to use a font that is easy to read. Choose a size and style that is legible.

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What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

Put what you WANT your job title to be. Be creative, and talk about what you do, because that’s REALLY what you are. Try to make an instant impression with your business card. Again, the color is the thing that makes people sit up and take notice. And don’t forget to make a personal connection. Be sure your name, phone number, e-mail address and website are listed on your card. If you don’t have a website, why not? Don’t just give out your business cards to everyone: be partial to who you give it to and make a real connection with the person getting your card. Why should anyone remember your name or what you do? GIVE THEM A REASON TO REMEMBER YOU! Try to make a connection as quickly as you can, so you can share what you’re both passionate about as much as possible to deepen that connection. Connected people are people who you can help, and who can help you. Keith Ferrazi, author of Never Eat Alone, has a great article here on the importantce of making this connection. Don’t put every way to reach you on the card, but don’t be afraid to write it on the card if you’ve made a particularly solid connection. Putting all contact information makes nobody feel important, but hand-writing a special way to reach you makes people feel like you’re reaching out. In conclusion, take the time to make it a great business card. Good is not good enough anymore!

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How does one print their business cards at home? Ever wonder how you can print your own business cards at home? One can print business cards from there home by following these steps:
Buy a decent color printer, obtain business card paper, you will need a paper cutter, you may buy a design guide.
Finally you export, import and print. Where can one print business cards cheaply?
Business cards can be cheaply printed if one uses companies such as OnascoPrint. They will take the template the user provides and print as many as are required. There are many companies online that offer printing for business cards at reasonable rates in Nigeria. Check your directories of your locality

If you are looking for card printing companies in your area, you should try looking in a directory. And/or if you want to look into more companies to keep your options wider, you can read card printing forums online. Answers . One could also consult with local printers who offer business card design services.  What companies offer color business card services?