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Fashola, help us

Now that the Lagos State Government through the Lagos State Public Works Corporation appears to be giving some inner pothole-ridden roads in the state some facelift, ostensibly to woo voters in the forthcoming elections, I use this medium to draw its attention to the shameful state of Brown Street, a very strategic street, a few metres away from the Oshodi/Isolo Local Council headquarters.

It beggars belief that the state government will choose to treat eczema in Oshodi (patching up motorable streets) when leprosy (for that is what Brown Street and the adjoining Igbihadun are) stalks the area.

I want to appeal to Governor Babatunde Fashola to direct the relevant state agencies to do the needful on that road to ameliorate the immense suffering of the motorists and residents of the area. It will not be asking for much if the state government authorises that the deadly craters on the road are sand-filled in the interim pending comprehensive repairs. I hope this appeal will not be ignored like previous ones by concerned persons.

Bunmi Ajayi,

Brown Street, Oshodi,

Lagos State,


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