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4 Years Old Marriage Dissolves In Court Over Wife’s Stealing Habit

In Lagos State, an Igando Customary Court dissolved a four-year-old marriage between Mr Idris Abiodun and his wife, Toyin, over wife’s stealing habit on Wednesday.
The Court President, Mr R.I Adeyeri, ruled that “both parties are no longer husband and wife; they are free to go their separate ways”.In Lagos State, an Igando Customary Court
The petitioner, Mr Idris Abiodun, 48, a church treasurer, had filed a suit on Aug.12 seeking for the dissolution of his four-year-old marriage over alleged constant stealing of money belonging to the church by his wife.
Idris, also a civil servant, told the court that his wife was also stealing his personal money along with the church money in his custody.
“Anytime I come home with money, my wife will steal some notes.
“By the time I take the money back to the church, it will be incomplete and I always pay for the missing money”, he said.
The petitioner said that Toyin, 45, also threatened the life of his first wife until she died.
“When my first wife was alive, she always called her a barren woman and vowed that she would never conceive.
“When she was sick and admitted in a hospital, Toyin sent a message to her that she would never come back home”, he said.
The petitioner also accused Toyin of adultery.
“She made a confession to me that she was dating a policeman and that she used a ring that would prevent her from getting pregnant for the policeman”, he said.

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4 Years Old Court Dissolves Habit Marriage over Stealing Wife’s

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