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Best of just for laughs part 4 - HQ 2 HOURS!

Best of just for laughs part 4 - HQ 2 HOURS!

if you like to laugh also watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmBBQwhGpeg from http://start.westnet.ca Safety First - Do not text in drive - use a distracti…
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Best HOURS just laughs part

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  1. Abdul Spinskie

    It’s So carzy I jst can’t stop laughin. Damn ma stomach hurts.

  2. ramesh john

    wtf is kurdistantv..

  3. chantal beauregard

    These episodes are mostly filmed in the Canadian province of Quebec where
    the predominant language is French.

  4. Daniel Alejandro Yela

    1:31:17 homero simpson xp

  5. LordCucumber

    This is totally not funny.. Staged shit

  6. Nitya Swams

    and even the second the bomblast

  7. adiitya92

    haha omg! The last one was so funny! :D

  8. Saad GOM

    haha 33

  9. Tanos12345

    9:06 Gothic I soundeffects? :D

  10. t1000eg

    1.35.00 funny as fuk…best bit when the big black doc winks at him

  11. michael mall

    Damn this tune is catchy.

  12. Abdul Spinskie
  13. xbon1

    watermark is very distractng, too big

  14. Amy Thompson

    You should a TV show. 

  15. David Martin Davies

    Who’s the blonde? She’s hot as hell!

  16. dadingan

    cant stop loughinnnn……….he he he…..

  17. EnterAbjad

    1:00:02 Mr.bean xDDD

  18. Nicolae Ginu

    29:36 the best one

  19. Ruth del valle


  20. bunnyfreakz

    34:31 is that Bear grylls? I am sure its him

  21. MrOzozah

    4:30 loooool

  22. James Mccarthy

    Ah Canadians bringing joy to the world

  23. tcomneo

    jo that 480p HQ is incredible

  24. arif ridwan

    like fucker haha

  25. Federico Giannelli

    It is incredible how people in Canada are willing to help people or to
    borrow their own stuff. No way you could do that here in Europe.

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