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CNN Turn Down Nigeria Political Adverts

Thecable.ng is reporting that popular American News Network, CNN has been turning down political adverts from Nigeria.8AcHhqMPErMKgcn5Rq29SGW0Nigerian state and federal governments, private companies and even individuals are known for patronising CNN for adverts even though the cost is said to be up to N5m for a 30-second spot at prime time.

“We approached CNN agents in Nigeria to place some adverts for our principal. We sent the creatives to them as requested and they returned them, saying they do not run commercials that are intended to campaign for votes. We could not believe it,” a consultant to a presidential aspirant told TheCable.

Another, who is working for a state governor seeking re-election, said he had a similar experience. But an official of CNN told TheCable that it was a general rule not to accept certain advertisements and there was no discrimination against Nigerian politicians.

The Nigerian local media will definitely benefit from this rejection as it is expected that these adverts will find their way to the various Nigerian news mediums.

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