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Coffee farmers in Kisii unveil own brand

Coffee farmers in Kisii unveil own brand

Kisii; Kenya: Coffee farmers from Gusii region are eyeing better returns from their beans delivered to the 25 co-operative societies.

Gusii Coffee

Gusii Coffee

This follows a move initiated by Gusii Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union Ltd, to mill the crop through Gusii Coffee Mill.
The union’s Chief Executive Robert Mainya said ‘Gusii Coffee’ would soon be available in retail outlets, a development that will boost the region’s economic prospects.

“We are in the final stage and are only waiting for certification of the product from the Kenya Bureau of Standards, and are optimistic that it will go through,” he said. “We will first establish a coffee shop in Kisii town and other strategic places to ensure customers access this product with ease,” he said.


Mainya noted that farmers will greatly benefit from their efforts and most importantly double cultivation of the crop. The latest effort is a trend that has seen coffee growing counties such as Murang’a and Nyeri add value to the crop besides establishing individual marketing channels. “This investment will create employment opportunities and generate wealth for thousands in the region and boost the county government’s plans to improve the economic standards of the people,” he said.

Mainya noted that they will require about Sh50 million to buy a new machine for mass milling. “We currently have a small machine and hope the county government can fund a larger machine,” he added.

By Winsley Masese, The Standard

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