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Eagles Midfielder rallies support for Eagles and Keshi after Sudan win

Super Eagles midfielder John Ogu has rallied behind Keshi lead team after Nigeria beat Sudan 3-1 on wednesday evening courtesy of an Ahmed Musa’s brace and a debut goal for Aaron Samuel.


In a tweet which 9jacool can source to you,the midfielder said

“Congrats to the
Boys for a Job well
done…Congrats to
Nigeria..Let us Keep
praying for the
Country football instead of the Evil

“Always believe and
Appreciate what
You Have instead
of using them False
Languages to the
Country and the Ambassadors.

The midfielder who didn’t make the squad tweeted that there are no minors in football anymore

“Football Today isn’t
Football of
Small teams in

He continued

“I Mean no Harm
with my Tweet but
just trying to
Relate to my Fans
out there..We are a
Blessed Nation and the Support we get
has bin Massive.

“Nigerians are
passionate about
Football,we Got the
Talent all Over the
World in as much as
you are a Good player We Need
learn hw to

The Eagles who has been heavily criticised for the previous result by fans and media with some section calling for Keshi’s sack but the Hapoel Be’er Sheva man defended him calling him the best in Africa.

“We Have a Coach
who is the Best in
Africa at the
Moment,all he
Needs is Our
Prayers and support instead of
insulting him or
asking for him.

“Asking for him to
be Sacked,let use
the strength to
pray for our
Country..I Feel the
Fans and I understand
perfectly how Ya’ll

“I am just Urging us
to learn how to
Believe and
Support our Nation
in any Major

He also applauded the fans for their continuing support for the Eagles team

“Finally we the best
when it comes to
Football..You the
Fans are so
Amazing that even
when we lose a Game,We don’t
even Eat..No Jokes

“And Trust Me
Ya’ll,We Have a
Good Manager
Today..All he Needs
is Our Support.

He also continued by using Iceland as a case study after having beaten world cup second runner up Netherland

“See ICELAND today
and what they
doing in the Euro
has Changed my Friends.

“And Ya’ll don’t get
me Wrong..Winning
is our Culture and
will always be..I
put myself in You
guys shoes..I feel the pain same way
ya’ll do.

And he finally urged fans to forget of the past and focus on the future

“I Know most of us
are Angry that we
didn’t turn up this
way in
about the Past Games and think
about the Games
Coming up.

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