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Footage of Ray Rice Punching Wife (Video)

Footage of Ray Rice Punching Wife (Video)

TMZ released disturbing new footage Monday morning of Ray Rice punching his wife in an Atlantic City elevator, sparking a new round of outrage over the league’s decision to suspend him for just two games, including some current and former players calling for him to be thrown out of the NFL altogether.
Ray Rice and Wife
 Ray Rice and Wife after the elevator knockout punch
The new clip shows the actual Feb. 15 confrontation between the Baltimore Ravens running back and his then-fiancee. After entering the elevator in what looks like an argument, Ray Rice initiates contact. Janay Rice reacts physically, only to be hit with a devastating punch that leaves her unconscious. Rice then drags her limp body out of the elevator, which is where the previously released footage picks up.
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Footage of Punching Ray Rice wife

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