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Governors now vow to continue fighting for more money to be sent to counties

Governors now vow to continue fighting for more money to be sent to counties

Kenya: Four Governors have said they will continue fighting for more money to be sent to the counties through the pesa mashinani (Money to the counties) campaign.

Council of Governors chairman Isaac Ruto

Council of Governors chairman Isaac Ruto

Council of Governors Chairman Isaac Ruto, Meru Governor Peter Munya, Wycliffe Oparanya (Kakamega) and Benjamin Cheboi (Baringo) said they would not relent in their demand for the money. “We support the Jubilee Government and President Uhuru Kenyatta but we want the Government to give us money for water and roads,” said Ruto.

Mr Munya said: “Sisi tuko na siasa gani tukisema pesa ije hapa tujenge barabara (What politics have we preached by demanding for our money to help people at the grassroots?”

He rallied the crowd to raise hands in support of the disbursement of more resources from Nairobi to the county governments.

The Governor said county governments have no political parties and they will continue serving all Kenyans. “I will continue fighting for the people of Meru County, those talking on radio stations should stop engaging in cheap politics that will take them nowhere,” said Munya.

Mr Cheboi hailed Munya for engaging a Malaysian company to construct a budget road whose contract was signed in Meru yesterday.

He said no investors will put projects in counties when there are no good roads. “We need enough water, good hotels but that cannot be achieved without money,” said Cheboi.

“Sisi hatutaki siasa, tuko Jubilee, tunaunga Jubilee mkono lakini tunaka haki ya watu wa Meru ikuje hapa (We do not want politics. We support jubilee and the president but we want money for the people),” said Cheboi.

Mr Oparanya hailed Munya as a steadfast leader who has developed the county over the last  one year. “You voted for a brave and intelligent leader because he has made a big change in this place,” said Oparanya.


Ruto criticised leaders who have campaigned for resources to be retained in Nairobi, yet they promised to develop their home areas during the campaigns. “My mother tells me I was born on the roadside and yet 50 years later there are no hospitals. About 21 women are dying every day going to hospital for delivery,” said Ruto.

He demanded for equal opportunities. “Hatuna shida na Jubilee, all we are demanding from the Government was money that is meant for counties. The Jubilee of Nairobi should give the Jubilee of Meru what is due for them,” said Ruto.

He asked the Jubilee legislators to employ the tyranny of numbers “that they enjoy up there and bring money to us down here.”

He asked women in the crowd: “Will you wait till 2017 to go for maternity?”

He asked that the Government devolves more money immediately.

Earlier, Oparanya, a member of the CORD coalition, said the governors’ referendum quest must not be politicised, as it was solely a development initiative. “As governors, we were elected to work for the people and it is because of that we seek to have counties economically empowered, so as to deliver services to the people. We cannot improve infrastructure with the little amounts that we are being allocated,” said Oparanya.

The county bosses made stops at various places, including Muthara, Maili Tatu and Maua towns.


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