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Hot News: Military denies burying soldiers in mass graves

The military high command has denied insinuations that soldiers who got killed in action at the operational areas of the on-going counter terrorism operation in the North East were being buried in mass graves.
The Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, and the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Kenneth Minimah, denied the claim while fielding questions from journalists at a press briefing organised by the Minister of Defence, Lt. Gen Aliyu Gusau, on the 2015 Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration in Abuja on Tuesday.
Badeh who spoke first on the issue raised by journalists that the military had not been giving celebrated burials to those killed in battle said that the claim that soldiers were being given mass burial was untrue.
He then handed over the microphone for the Chief of Army Staff, Minimah, for his comment on the issue.
“…Now let me hand over the microphone to the Chief of Army Staff. He will talk the little bit I know on this burial issue, because I know why that question came. There are insinuations that we bury people in mass graves which is not true.”
The COAS, Minimah, said that soldiers who got killed in battle were given befitting burial in the battle front or in military commentaries nearest to the field of operations in line with the policy of the Nigerian Army.
The Army Chief explained that the military had also ensured that the families of fallen soldiers especially their next-of-kin were invited to attend such burials.
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