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Just For Laughs 2012 New episode part15funniest videos

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2012 episode just laughs part15funniest videos

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  1. ali Servan

    Epic collection :D

  2. sancho miyahara

    fart always funny, omg lol

  3. sami fallatah

    where is that all haping which city country ???

  4. lacey elder

    I love watching you shows they are great! I have depression & being happy
    is good this helps make A person not think about the bad stuff & let me say
    if your depressed that’s dang near every situation. So thank you for making
    a funny show that takes my mind off the bad & think about the funny :)

  5. Cristina Paul
  6. bazilika juan

    i hv been laughting since the beginning u guys hv a special talent 

  7. Ashneel Singh

    I love how these pranks are so intelligently set up while keeping a high
    comedy level. Unlike a lot of really dumb pranks videos floating around
    youtube specially ones that become a public nuisance. Great job just for

  8. Dontkeep calm

    dont people have a fucking tv 

  9. Will Wats

    33:42 to 35:67 LOFKNL!!! OMG!!!

  10. Meshari Almutairi

    All of the ppl i c in the video have flip phones WTF D:

  11. andrew jackson

    56: they all have the same towel its a setup

  12. alex sarmiento

    Just For Laughs Gags Ultra Best Off Video: http://youtu.be/kPHcrgWkrI4

  13. Sidhartha Roy

    Loved the girl at 45: 47 . She will be a wonderful girlfriend :)

  14. kiranreddy alluri


  15. angel custodio rebollo barroso
  16. helen wang

    i cant stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Terry Nichols
  18. rubythief

    Abdullah ocalan is the head of kurdish terrosrists terrorising Turkey.
    Please do not support him and enjoy the video :)

  19. Aimee Dale

    All I cn do is Lmao! 

  20. Burhan Erdogan

    Dont fuckin support abdullah ocalan the terrorist

  21. Farhang Dzayi

    Get Edos NewsPO OUT FROM JAIL 

  22. Anthony Liu

    the background music anyone pls

  23. dalibor kadlcik

    jo je to docela dobri

  24. Farhang Dzayi

    Support Edos NewsPO Abdulla ocalan

  25. ALİ KOÇ

    Fuck of Abdullah Öcalan!

  26. crazy169 0

    im on video and they make fool of me ;D i was just confuse

  27. sabin sapkota


  28. Bakrre Toom
  29. ALİ KOÇ

    Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (y)

  30. Abner Andrey Martínez Zamudio

    The girl at the shop laughing, freaking funny but too rude!

  31. Damla Tüylü

    Fuck of öcalan

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