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Kenya: Insurer now takes off hustles of burials

Nairobi; Kenya: Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences.

Madison InsuranceYet, it keeps happening bringing with it the hustle of burial plans, including getting a burial permit from the government. This is followed by lengthy committee meetings and mostly harambees to offset funeral expenses and in some instances medical bills before the body is released.

Now, imagine having someone taking all that stress up with your role only being to direct them where you want your loved one buried?

Well, that is what Madison Insurance is doing by introducing the last-mile funeral cover in partnership with Montezuma Funeral Homes.

Through the cover, the insurance company will offer all the services required during a funeral including processing  burial certificate, public address, burial programmes printing, and transportation costs and even offset the pending medical bills depending on the insurance cover. In most cases, funeral claims are made some weeks or months after the burial with the insurer now seeking to address this gap.


“We are not going to be issuing cheques for claims anymore, we want to provide the entire service,” said Madison Insurance Chief Executive James Ngunjiri, yesterday.

This is a relatively new concept in the Kenyan market but popular in other parts of the world. The cover targets individuals, companies and institutions like churches. The cover ranges between Sh30,000 and Sh100,000. Mr Ngunjiri spoke during the awarding of various prices for the company’s agents from across the country which saw the winner walk away with a seven-seater Nissan Serena. Other agents walked away with cooking machines, home theatres and cash prices. The firm has over 100 agents across Kenya.

By Peter Kiragu, The Standard

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