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Lagos Holds First Veg Fest Friday

3 day exhibition on Vegetarian and healthy lifestyle at Freedom Park,Lagos Island, starting this Friday to Sunday.

The first edition of Lagos Veg Fest (LVF) will open its gates this Friday October 10th for three days at Freedom Park on Lagos Island.

The LVF will welcome some of Nigeria’s most innovative businesses in the health & wellness industry, international guests, generally people interested in vegan and vegetarian lifestyle and thought leaders in sustainable living.

The Veg Fest will be also the launching event for some products like ‘VegMeat’, a tasty plant based substitute for meat.

“The Lagos Veg Fest brings together people who make deliberate choices for a healthy lifestyle. We want to show everyone in Nigeria that a healthy lifestyle is not only better for you but also delicious and fun”, says Hakeem A. Jimo, one of the organizers of Lagos Veg Fest.

The programme is diverse with a variety of aspects around a healthy lifestyle. At the heart of the Vegan and Vegetarian festival is the exhibition featuring 30 stands with a food court and innovative health, green, sustainable products and services.

The Speakers’ Forum will be the dialogue platform for topics around a healthy and sustainable lifestyle like the panel discussion on ‘Corporate Health’ by Live Well Initiative one of the numerous partners.

The ‘Yes Ve Gan! Fashion Show’ featuring Kinabuti and other designers is the connection between beauty and eating well and still have fun. Alongside the fashion show, Nigerian celebrities Nneka and Keziah Jones, both following a Veg diet themselves, will contribute to the festival.


An art exhibition byTemitayo Ogunbiyi will give the festival an intriguing intellectual dimension by making eating habits and tradition subject to discussion.
Excercise plays a big role and there will be a 5km run on Saturday morning in Ikoyi and anti-stress relaxation excercise during the exhibition at Freedom Park.

The American Vegan chef Justin P. Moore, will show his skills in High-End Vegan cooking at the exhibition and at a special dinner at Terra Kulture on Sunday evening in collaboration with Culinary Academy Lagos. Friday, October 10th, is Children’s Day with a focus on how the youngest can be won over for a healthy lifestye and health ambassadors for their peers.

Companies with a ressources saving approach like Ady.Ng and Easy Taxi are part of the exhibitorsn as well.

“The steadily growing awareness for health is a big opportunity for startup companies“, says Simi Lawoyin, LVF organizer and consultant at ‘GoodLifeStylist’ with a focus on SMEs.

“We see people coming into the markets with fresh juices, salads, packaged fruits and other healthy products.“

A Veg lifestyle comes with health benefits: easier weight management, better skin and hair, blood pressure control, longevity, higher vitality and many more health benefits. A plant-based diet is critical in driving back modern diseases that are now rampant in Nigeria like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases etc.

Research indicates there is a growing demand and market for sustainable lifestyle products in Nigeria, with social values increasingly becoming a major factor in people’s life and also brand perception. The LVF is a unique opportunity for Nigerians and people living in Nigeria to experience food and produts for a healthier lifestyle.

At the same time for organizations and brands in Nigeria to connect to a 21st century movement for healthy and sustainable living.

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Fest First Friday Holds Lagos Veg

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