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Mass defection to PDP will not make Nigeria a one-party state, says APGA

The Legal Adviser to the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Ifeanyi Mbaeri  says mass defection of persons from one party to another will not make the nation a one- party affair.
Mbaeri made the statement in an interview on Thursday in Abuja.
“It will not make the nation a one party affair, looking at the current environment defection that has become more pronounced in the build-
up to the general elections.’’
He said just like people were moving from other parties to PDP,
others from the party also moved to other parties including APGA.
He said this was caused basically by lack of political ideology in the
country, “which we all know is the current trend.”All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Ifeanyi Mbaeri
“So defection is across board; it is not confined to one party or two parties alone. But what is sad about it is when political office holders defect to another party with the mandate of their own party.
“Yes that is the point, which is worrysome. And if you look at the constitution, there is a provision that you may lose your seat as a result of such defection.’’
He said the National Conference would have proposed that loss of seat should be uniform to include governors who defected.
“This will hinder that cross carpeting, especially with the mandate of another party.
According to Mbaeri, “It is sad that APGA suffered it by losing lots of governors who went to another party with our mandate; same with some members of national assembly.’’
On why APGA was not presenting a presidential candidate for the 2015 election, he said the party wanted the incumbent president to complete another four years.
“APGA is going to support President Goodluck Jonathan as president for the second term in 2015. Not that we do not have people to stand for the presidential seat.
“There are people that can compete for the presidential post in APGA, but we want the incumbent president to complete another four years.
He said the party would begin the sale of nomination forms from Oct. 27 for all interested candidates.
He said the state assemblies and National Assembly expression of interest and nomination forms were available at the state secretariats of the party.
He said the governorship forms were obtainable at the National Secretariat of the party in Abuja.
According to him, the forms will be obtainable with certified bank drafts (non-refundable) made payable to All Progressives GrandAlliance, National Headquarters, Abuja.
“Upon completion, the expression of interest and nomination forms shall be returned to the points of purchase, accompanied by all relevant documents stipulated therein.’

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