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NEW Just for Laughs Gags 2014 Epic Collection !! 1 HOUR PART 55

NEW Just for Laughs Gags 2014 Epic Collection !! 1 HOUR PART 55

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2014 Collection Epic Gags HOUR just laughs part

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  1. Frits Cabalonga

    Very funny

  2. anderson paul

    aria that I no lo maximo these jokes …. so keep grabbing people cheer
    …. !!!!!!

  3. tanongsak nivesrangsan
  4. chriLLe W

    37:26 HOT BUNNY:)

  5. Piotrek Klon

    Jaw hurts from laughing, you need to stop watching after 30 minutes :)
    Very good idea for a bad mood :) look forward to more :)
    Maybe something in Poland ???
    Ps. Sorry for my english :)

  6. Emmuel Robbin

    So funny

  7. Anuar Safian

    53:33 this guy looks tough but soft eventually !!

  8. Josh Barney

    40:45, Denzel Washington 

  9. อมรรัตน์ จำปาทอง


  10. H2Oscar

    Excelente para reir por una hora, pero lo mejor de lo mejor está a partir
    del minuto 53:34 jajajajajajajja ese grito parecía al de Psicosis junto al
    de Tarzan con Chita jajajajaja

  11. hoang hiep

    28:51 hahahahahahahahaha i can’t stop laughing hahahahahahahah 

  12. Yueyue Wang

    They are in Montreal~Hahahaha

  13. Jennell Brown

    its hilarious if you watch all of it

  14. Matholonke Somdaka

    kudlaliswa ngokutya apha…but its really funny though lo0l

  15. Hans-Joachim Maier

    Ich find die Truppe genial :)

  16. kodiak1966

    Gags girl @ 32:00……… to die for.

  17. Meguser 22062014


  18. DjArxodas1

    That’s the good ones… yeah

  19. zarminn

    I feel pity of those who helped, it is not even funny.

  20. mirtha guchi

    Oh my God I love it!

  21. Marcos Robles

    This team have trolled all the people of the world xD

  22. Alain Situan

    Thanks you :)

  23. Rotana Nokia

    all of us here in Egypt love gust for laugh

  24. Gutsyndicate

    gay alert @ 53:35

  25. Garkam13

    Where does it take place ? Sometimes we can see things written in french
    and english

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