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Police Nab Notorious Criminal in Kano

A notorious criminal who specialises in home trespassing, Sani Ali Idris, has been arrested by the Dorayi Babba Police Division in Gwale Local Government area.  The suspect who has a criminal record with this same division was once charged to court when he was caught in the act of robbing a house and was then fined by the court.
The suspect, Sani entered into a house Wednesday evening at Redbricks or Janbulo Quarters in Kano and stole items and money from the house. Among items recover from him are; a lop top, six expensive handsets, money over 40,000 naira and a motorcycle with plate number Qr585 TRN.Police Nab Notorious Criminal in Kano
According to the mother Mal. Aisha Ibrahim she received the news of her son being arrested again Wednesday  but refused to go to the station till today. She said the son is a graduate who was into business but suddenly decided to become a thief.
“ I am a widow” she said “I have no husband but I have been able to feed my self and the children with the little my husband left behind for us, I don’t know what has come over my son, I don’t know why he has to be a thief. I pray that God forgives him and make him repent from this act” The Suspect also said it is temptation that leads him to steal. He begged for mercy and promised his mother in tears never will he break into people’s houses again.
Abudllahi the young man, who first spotted the suspect, said it was not easy for him to trap the thief.  He had to call for neighbors’ help who consequently called on the police force. He further commended the police force for their prompt response to the situation. Dorari Babba police division is known for its quick response to situations. It is hoped that they will continue the good work.
A source within the police said the suspect would be charged to court as soon as investigation is completed

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