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Reports on Ukraine while current Kiev regime in power

Until the full truth on Ukraine crisis is said, the situation cannot be fixed, Anna van Densky, political commentator at the EU Reporter magazine told RT, commenting on a new report from the United Nations.

The report on human rights situation in Ukraine says there are continuous violations of international humanitarian law by armed groups and volunteer battalions under control of the country’s armed forces.

Before it was officially published on Wednesday, RT discussed with Anna van Densky whether the document – part of which had earlier leaked to the RIA Novosti news agency – could be more objective than the organization’s previous reports on Ukraine. Moscow criticized previous reports as biased towards the anti-government forces.

RT: Can we expect this one to be any fairer?

Anna van Densky: Of course not, it’s a well-known problem that the UN is dominated by the US… Now there are in the world more than 200 states, and the American dominance in the UN doesn’t reflect the modern world. That’s why many countries say that it is absolutely necessary to reform the UN so that it reflects the real ensemble of opinions of the countries. The Americans are of course very good at lobbying and political lobbying. Personally, I don’t expect this report to be objective

RT: Special concerns are being raised over alleged “enforced disappearances and arbitrary detentions by Kiev’s armed forces.” Is that likely to cause any reaction in the international community?

AD: First of all, I don’t think really that it will be totally objective because the orders were given by current …President Poroshenko. So the report will go as far as the not harming the reputation of the current government and political forces. You can’t expect them to be self-damaging in the way that this report will of course favor President Poroshenko and his government. There will be half-truth and I think the problem is until the full truth is said the situation in Ukraine can’t be fixed. You can’t build future on lies. I’m very pessimistic, if you ask my opinion.

RT: It was said the new report would also examine the issue of mass graves discovered outside Donetsk recently. What do you expect to come out of that investigation?

AD: There are many other things that were dodged through time if you look at American policies in Iraq and what they were doing in Afghanistan - they were far from being ideal. All these facts of very brutal violations of human rights were dodged. They will try to play in a way to show the current government as the ideal for the Ukrainian people for the moment. So I don’t think that they will contradict, this report won’t come into contradiction with that because we already see what happened at Maidan, what happened in Odessa – there were no objective investigations so ever. And the fact that they were trying to turn round that there are accidents, there are individuals who are violent – they don’t take responsibility. So I don’t think that it will be much different from what we have seen previously. While the current authority is in power, it can’t do anything that will damage themselves. Look at the accident with the plane – we also don’t know, the truth is manipulated, and even what Germans discovered they don’t want to share with us.

RT: Washington has said the Ukrainian authorities must carry out their own investigation. But do you believe the US wants these cases looked at properly?

AD: I hope that as time passes by there will be more and more witnesses and it will be impossible to conceal the truth entirely. Until this government is in charge they can’t let the investigators go as far as it is necessary to get the final result. Its famous label “le crime d’état” – the crime of the state - because if the state commits a crime, it will never allow investigators to reveal the real names of people who ordered it. I think we all know that the current situation is the result of the irresponsible policy of President Poroshenko and his anti-terror operation that caused these clashes because basically Poroshenko is fighting his own people. We can’t expect that in this report the Ukrainians will be self-damaging in the sense they will admit the fact that it is something very wrong to fight their own people.

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