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Toyin Aimakhu’s Message To Women

Toyin Aimakhu has a message for you ladies, and it’s not a very nice one. She thinks that the problem of women is women. After reading this please lets know what you think about it;Toyin-Aimakhu-360x397

OBIRIN LOTA OBIRIN do u knw what dat means we women r enemies to ourselves,we women are always the cause of we women’s tears and pains. r weak in nature dey just act strong cos dey r the head. 2.u knw a man is married bt shed crocodile tears wen he’s going home to meet his wife n kids,and men hates to see women in tears 3.some will even go as far as calling and insulting the wife. has alot of pity for women…We women destroy alot of we women’s happiness and homes, why not get ur own man and starts from the scratch. .4.women back bites women.5..women criticises women alot..6.women say alot of bad stuffs abt we women to people men are very weak dats y dey fall victim most times and dey hate to see women cry…7..u want a man knwing fully he’s happily married with kids leaving the wife miserable and sad..8..wen a woman is in a relationship wit a man u say alot abt ur friends not thinking cos birds of a feather flocks together.9.wen ur friends sees u r happy all they want is just to destroy it or dey want that thing dat gives u happiness…(hmmm women)women pls let’s start supporting ourselves and showing love..pls wen a man is married chase him to his family so dat u can have a happy home(If na money u wan collect,collect am,bt am not saying is a good thing o)whenever dey r saying bad abt anoda woman support her stand for her let’s be our sister’s keeper.pls this is my thought.. NB pls Dnt mind my english I’m a nigerian and not British… thanks alot and love u all..pls remember I said my own personal thought..

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Aimakhu’s message Toyin Women

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